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David NeumannDavid Neumann

Mark BronsteinMark Bronstein
Senior Advisor

For over 20 years, Mark Bronstein has singlehandedly rescued countless businesses in trouble, utilizing his own unique proprietary historical estimating standard. By establishing a break-even on which to base the client's restructuring, Mark stops the bleeding and immediately creates positive cash-flow. This, combined with a dynamic and aggressive approach, enables Mark to operate with unparalleled efficiency.

A few examples:

Recent engagements for Mark's services include a plastic blow molder, a hospital, military manufacturers, and a transportation company.

Mark BronsteinZachary B. Burkons
Senior Advisor

With over ten years of experience in property management and receivership, Burkons has earned respect and loyalty from lending institutions nationwide, special servicers, law firms and judges, all of whom appreciate his honesty and his professional, efficient, no-nonsense approach to projects.

Burkons has gained a reputation as one of the most street-smart, tenacious and goal-focused property managers and receivers in the region. His uncanny ability to manage resources with incredible efficiency and transparency makes him the go-to resource for any type of collateral.

Burkons earned an MBA from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2005. He studied management and finance and specialized in multi-family housing and operations. His education helped position him as a multi-family housing expert, and he went on to manage portfolios of up to 40 properties and 4,200 units across several states.

Burkons boasts operational expertise in the following areas:




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